Meet Angela:

As a woman with a knack for the creative field, she has a lot of passions; one of the big ones being music. . Starting on the glockenscpeil, she learned the basics of music at a very young age. She continued her passion for music by taking piano lessons and continued them for 15 years of her life. She was also in concert band playing the flute in high school, as well as various choirs throughout her grade school career. She went further and taught herself guitar, bass guitar and the ukulele. After high school, she went on to college at the Minneapolis Media Institute and earned a diploma in Live Sound and Music Production.  She learned how to record, mix, and fully produce a track as well as run sound for live events. With music being her main passion, she decided that her second passion (photography) would be a good way to get her foot in the music scene and earn money doing so by photographing musicians and events. She started WHERSTHEMILK Photos in 2018 with the goal of simply building a portfolio in hopes of it taking off so she could be making money while having more time to do the things she loves. 

In January of 2019, her career took a turn for the better. She met Jacob Jones, the operator of Meteorbase Productions, a local production company, and was looking for a photographer. She was psyched and took the job as it was the perfect way to combine her two passions. She has spent the last year with them working on her event photography skills and meeting new artists in the Twin Cities by attending various events put on by the company as well as working individually with the artists. Since then, Meteorbase has transformed into a record label with a great collective of clients right up her ally.

(click the link below to find out more about Meteor Base!)

Her current goal is to continue working with people in the creative field to further their career through visual arts. She believes that one of the key elements to achieve success in almost any field of work is to have an attractive social media feed. By having professional, eye catching media to look at makes a client not only look more professional, but feel like it as well. 

Through all of this, she has also enjoyed working with videography, post production, graphic design, drawing, and crafting. Her long term goal is to run a multimedia business aimed at artists/musicians and is always looking for an opportunity to practice her talents and meet new people.  If you need something in the media realm done, she is the one to contact! She offers her services to outside clients as well.

Just message her with any questions or details  to get an accurate quote!  

   Angela is a unique, spunky woman with a creative mind. Based in the Twin Cities, MN, you can give her just about anything in the creative realm and she will figure out a way to make it work. She has an extensive back round in the field, from years of musical training and a diploma in live sound and music production, to hobbies such as drawing and... you guessed it! Photography.

  When Angela was 14, she decided to buy an EOS Canon Rebel T5 digital camera. Her photography career started as just a hobby, but as she taught herself how to work a professional grade camera, she fell in love with the art that it could produce.

Her favorite thing about being a photographer is showing her clients what they look like from an outside perspective. Aiming for a candid style, her sessions are more like an adventure than a photo shoot. Whether its a night on the town, a nature hike or anything in between, she likes to take her clients out and just have some fun, getting genuine smiles and reactions out of them that they are not used to seeing on themselves. She loves seeing their eyes light up and hearing them say "Oh my goodness, that's ME?" 

Photographing this way not only builds confidence her her clients, but in herself as well by reminding her why she does what she does: to make people feel good and confident about themselves so they can go out and conquer the world.